Book Review Discussion: 'Total Architecture' Elevates SOA to its Business Benefits Potential The impact that Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) has on an organization is deep and wide. The changes required to bring SOA to fruition and make it as productive as possible affect the way both IT leaders and business managers think and operate. To provide a solid foundation on how SOA impacts a business, Dr. Paul Brown, a principal software architect at TIBCO Software, wrote "Succeeding with SOA: Realizing Business Value Through Total Architecture." The book emphasizes a "Total Architecture" perspective for SOA and advocates how business processes are the real focus. Brown calls on businesses to define, fully grasp, control, manage and adjust business processes as the rudders that steer business agility, powered by SOA methods. In this podcast, Dr. Brown is interviewed about his book by Enterprise Architect Todd Biske, with moderation by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. Sponsor: TIBCO Software. Read a full transcript of the discussion at
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