Borland's Open ALM Ushers Application Development into a Managed Business Process Many people have defined software development as more art than science -- sometimes even a dark art. That's why the business side of an enterprise is often perplexed by the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process. They see what goes in as requirements, and see what comes out as functionality -- but they often don’t understand what takes place in between. Yet new trends are unfolding in ALM, called ALM 2.0, to help organizations transform software development and deployment into a managed business process. Learn how Borland Software and its new Open ALM approach is helping to improve visibility into and coordination of application development, regardless of the tools, testing, or platforms. Join Carey Schwaber, a senior analyst at Forrester Research; Brian Kilcourse, CEO of the Retail Systems Alert Group and former SVP and CIO of Longs Drug Stores, and Marc Brown, vice president of product marketing at Borland for discussion on ALM. Learn about future trends in ALM 2.0 and Borland's approach to professionalizing application development and deployment in this discussion, moderated by Interarbor Solutions Principal Analyst Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the discussion at Sponsor: Borland Software.
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