BriefingsDirect SOA Insights Analysts on Virtualization Trends and Role of IT Operations Efficiency for SOA Welcome to the latest BriefingsDirect SOA Insights Edition, Vol. 24, a weekly discussion and dissection of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)-related news and events, with a panel of IT analysts. In this episode, recorded Aug. 13, 2007, our experts examine virtualization trends through the acquisition by Citrix of XenSource. We also discuss the $1.6-billion purchase of Opsware by HP as a way of analyzing IT management, automation and operations, and their impact on SOA. Please join noted IT industry analysts and experts Jim Kobielus, principal analyst at Current Analysis; Neil Macehiter, research director at Macehiter Ward-Dutton; Dan Kusnetzky, principal analyst and president of the Kusnetzky Group; Brad Shimmin, principal analyst at Current Analysis; Todd Biske, enterprise architect at Monsanto, formerly with MomentumSI; JP Morganthal, CEO of Avorcor; and Tony Baer, principal of onStrategies. Our discussion is hosted and moderated by Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the podcast at
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