Welcome to the latest BriefingsDirect SOA Insights Edition, a weekly discussion and dissection of service oriented architecture (SOA) and related news and events with a panel of independent IT industry analysts and guests. Yours truly, Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, is your host and moderator. BriefingsDirect SOA Insights Edition brings a new focus to the SOA thought leadership field by assembling noted independent IT industry analysts and guests to investigate the trends and news of the week. Take the content via this blog and excerpts, by listening to the podcast, and/or by perusing the full transcript of the discussion. This week's panel consists of Steve Garone, a former program vice president at IDC and founder of the AlignIT Group, Neil Macehiter, a research director at Macehiter Ward-Dutton, and making his debut Joe McKendrick, an independent research consultant, a contributing editor and columnist for Database Trends, and a SOA blogger for ZDNet and ebizQ. This week's topics center around the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference focused on Oracle's ecology and products. Take a look at these thoughful analysts as they weed through the many weighty Oracle announcements and developments -- including the bombshell Unbreakable Linux announcement. Feel free to peruse the transcript of the discussion at http://briefingsdirect.blogspot.com/2006/11/transcript-of-dana-gardners_15.html.
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