Case Study: IT Repositories Help Wachovia Manage Change Amid Complex Banking Consolidation When large businesses need to change fast, the IT systems need to do more than keep up with change -- they need to manage, define and secure it. Multiple enterprise systems of record that must quickly operate together as result of mergers and acquisitions are being effectively orchestrated using IT repositories. Using such repositories, IT and business assets that need to be quickly federated and integrated can be brought into alignment and managed via policies and governance definitions, even in far-flung operations. To better understand the value and opportunity in using IT repositories to manage change in complex business environments, BriefingsDIrect's Dana Gardner recently defined a case study at Wachovia, which is now merging with Wells Fargo. The case study emerges in a discussion Gardner has here with Harry Karr and Hemesh Yadav, both IT architects at Wachovia. Listen or read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard.
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