Cloud Computing Means More Than Cost Savings: New Models Will Transform Business, Say HP and Capgemini Many enterprises and service providers are now grappling with how cloud models and economics will impact them. The specter of a challenging business climate may well hasten the need to seek IT resources that are supported through greater utility approaches to save money, as well as to reach Internet audiences and gain global Web efficiencies. The goal is to take advantage of what cloud models offer, but to do so with low risk and in alignment with enterprise IT dictates and requirements around management, security, governance, and visibility. To better understand the value and opportunity unfolding around cloud computing, BriefingsDIrect's Dana Gardner recently interviewed Andy Mulholland, global chief technology officer at Capgemini; Tim Hall, director of services-oriented architecture (SOA) products at HP Software and Solutions, and Russ Daniels, vice president and CTO of cloud services strategy at HP. Listen here or read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard.
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