Consulting Insights Poised to Help IT Operators Exploit SaaS Delivery of IT Lifecycle, Quality and Management Functions Welcome to a special BriefingsDirect podcast series from the Hewlett-Packard Software Universe 2009 Conference in Las Vegas the week of June 15, 2009. When people think of Software as a Service (SaaS) Web delivery, they often envision business applications. But HP has been delivering quality assurance and applications performance management functions via SaaS for years. As interest in cloud computing ramps up, the ability to deliver more aspects of IT lifecycle and quality management, along with project and portfolio oversight values, also ramps up. A missing ingredient for IT innovators has been how to begin and how to organize these changes effectively. To better understand the expanding role of SaaS within IT, and how professional services can newly help in transitions to SaaS use by IT departments, BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner interviews two executives from HP's Software and Solutions, Scott Kupor, Vice President and General Manager of Software-as-a-Service, and Anand Eswaran, Vice President, Professional Services. Read a full transcript at Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard.
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