Find the podcast on iTunes. Read a full transcript or download a copy. Sponsor: HP.

The next edition of the HP Discover Performance Podcast Series brings together three HP executives to explore the implications and business value from the Converged Cloud portfolio updates announced at HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas. 

There's no hotter topic -- and nothing more top of mind these days -- than cloud computing. Not surprisingly, HP has made that a major focus at day two of Discover.

To put some context around it all, BriefingsDirect assembled Chief Evangelist at HP Software, Paul Muller; Christian Verstraete, Chief Technologist for Cloud Solutions at HP, and Tom Norton, Vice President for Big Data Technology Services at HP. The panel was moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

Find the podcast on iTunes. Read a full transcript or download a copy. Sponsor: HP.