Dana Gardner Interviews Forrester's Frank Gillett on Future of Mission-Critical Cloud Computing The impact of cloud computing is most often analyzed through its expected disruption of IT vendors, or the media, or as an economic balm for developers and Web 2.0 start-ups. Yet cloud computing is much more than a just newcomer on the Internet hype curve. The heritage of what cloud computing represents dates back to the dawn of information technology (IT), to the very beginnings of how government agencies and large commercial enterprises first accessed powerful computers to solve complex problems. So how does cloud computing fit into the whole journey of the last 35 years of IT? What is the context of cloud computing in the real-world enterprise? How do we take the vision and apply it to today's enterprise concerns and requirements? To help understand the difference between the reality and the vision for cloud computing, BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner recently interviewed Frank Gillett, vice president and principal analyst for cloud computing topics at Forrester Research. Watch a video of the interview at http://www.akamai.com/cloud. Read a full transcript of the discussion at http://briefingsdirect.blogspot.com/2009/06/dana-gardner-interviews-forresters.html. Sponsor: Akamai Technologies.
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