Data Services Provide Catalyst for SOA, Set Stage for Cloud-Based Data Hosting Models In the past, data was secure and controlled. The bad news is that the data was limited by the firewall of personnel, technologies, and rigidity. Today, however, the demand is for just-in-time and inclusive data, moving away from a monolithic data systems to multiple sources of data on real-time activities, events, and inferences. The move is in the ownership of data to the people who really know it, create it, and can use it for business advantage. Analysis values rule. But how to jibe the best of the old with the needs of the new? To learn more about the quickly evolving data services landscape, we spoke with Paul Fremantle, the chief technology officer at WSO2; Brad Svee, the IT manager of development at Concur; and James Governor, a principal analyst and founder at RedMonk. Our podcast is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. Sponsor: WSO2. Read a full transcript of the discussion at:
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