Application development is maturing to embrace a more holistic approach to application lifecycle processes, one that emphasizes policy-based approaches -- managing process and people -- and not just the technology. Such a coordinated approach also fosters feedback efficiencies, where testing is continuous -- and visibility into performance becomes an imperative. Borland's new Gauntlet offering provides a framework to monitor and measure development progress. By employing a visualized assessment of development, managers can see from day to day, week to week, and project to project how things are progressing. They can then act to make the management of development more professional, and to inject quality-enhancing improvements across the entire spectrum of development activity. To better understand these trends, join moderator Dana Gardner and Borland Software Director of Developer Solutions Rob Cheng as we explore the next chapter in development process management and agility. Read a full transcript of the discussion at Sponsor: Borland Software, Inc.
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