The clear and present danger facing businesses and governments from cybersecurity threats has only grown more clear and ever-present in 2021.

As the threats from runaway ransomware attacks and state-sponsored backdoor access to networks deepen, too many businesses have a false sense of quick recovery using traditional business continuity and backup measures.

That’s because the criminals are increasingly compromising vulnerable backup systems and data first -- before they attack. As a result, visions of flipping a switch to get back to a ready state may be a dangerous illusion that keeps leaders under a false sense of business as usual.

The next BriefingsDirect security strategies discussion explores new ways of protecting backups first and foremost so that cyber recovery becomes an indispensable tool in any IT and business security arsenal. We will now uncover how Unisys and Dell Technologies are elevating what was data redundancy to protect against natural disasters into something much more resilient and powerful. 

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To learn more about the latest in rapid cyber recovery strategies and technologies, please welcome Andrew Peters, Director of Global Business Development for Security at Unisys, and David Finley, Director of Information Assurance and Security in the Data Protection Division at Dell Technologies. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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