Today's headlines point to more sophisticated and large-scale and malicious online activities. For some folks, therefore, the consensus seems to be that the cloud computing model and vision are not up to the task when it comes to security.

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But at the RSA Conference earlier this year, a panel came together to talk about security and cloud computing, to examine the intersection of cloud computing, security, Internet services, and Internet-based security practices to uncover differences between perceptions and reality.

The result is a special sponsored BriefingsDirect podcast and video presentation that takes stock of cloud-focused security not just as a risk, but also as an amelioration of risk across all aspects of IT.

Join panelists Chris Hoff, Director of Cloud and Virtualization Solutions at Cisco SystemsJeremiah Grossman, the founder and Chief Technology Officer at WhiteHat Security, and Andy Ellis, the Chief Security Architect at Akamai Technologies. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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