From OpenWorld, Oracle and HP Align Forces to Modernize Legacy Apps and Spur IT Transformation The avenues to IT transformation are many, but the end result must include modernization of data, applications, systems, and operational best practices. It's no surprise then that the partnership of Oracle and Hewlett-Packard gained new ground at the 2008 Oracle OpenWorld conference. The companies are providing products and services that holistically support the many required variables to successfully implement IT transformation. To learn more about how HP and Oracle will continue to act in concert, especially as enterprises seek the highest data center performance at the lowest cost, BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner interviewed Paul Evans, worldwide marketing lead for IT transformation solutions at HP, and Lance Knowlton, vice president for modernization at Oracle. The discussion took place Sept. 23, 2008 at the Oracle OpenWorld conference. Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard.
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