Welcome to a sponsored podcast discussion on better managing server virtualization expansion across enterprises. We’ll look at ways that IT organizations can adopt virtualization at deeper levels, or across more systems, data and applications, at lower risk. As more enterprises use virtualization for more workloads to engender productivity from higher server utilization, we often see what can be called virtualization sprawl, spreading a mixture of hypervisors, which leads to complexity and management concerns. In order to ramp up to more, but advantageous, use of virtualization, pitfalls from heterogeneity need to be managed. Yet, no one of the hypervisor suppliers is likely to deeply support any of the others. So, how do companies gain a top-down perspective of virtualization to encompass and manage the entire ecosystem, rather than just corralling the individual technologies? Here to help us understand the risks of hypervisor sprawl and how to mitigate the pitfalls to preserve the economic benefits of virtualization is Doug Strain, manager of Partner Virtualization Marketing at HP. The podcast is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. Read a full transcript of the discussion, or download the transcript. Learn more. Sponsor: Hewlett Packard.
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