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Big data capabilities and advanced business analytics have now become essential to nearly any business development activity.

The benefits that enterprises can get if they can get their hands around big data analytics and apply it to business challenges are quickly being documented -- and they come as big new profits and major market advantages. Industries around the world are rapidly seeking transformational projects using big data to gain competitive advantage.

As part of the next edition of the HP Big Data Podcast Series, BriefingsDirect sat down with two HP executives to learn how these advanced analytics seekers can best accomplish their goals. The insights gleaned include how companies worldwide are best capturing myriad knowledge, gaining ever deeper analysis, and rapidly and securely making those insights available to more people on their own terms.

So join this executive-level discussion highlighting how the latest version of HP HAVEn produces new business analytics value and strategic return with Girish Mundada, Chief Technology Officer for HP HAVEn, and Dan Wood, Worldwide Solution Marketing Lead for Big Data at HP Software. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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