Losing control over information sprawl at enterprises can cause long-term inefficiencies. But it's the short-term legal headaches of not being prepared for E-discovery requests that have caught many firms off-guard. Potentially massive savings can be had from thwarting legal discovery fulfillment problems in advance by governing and managing information. In this sponsored podcast, we examine how the well-managed -- versus the haphazard -- information oversight approach reduces legal risks. These same management lifecycle approaches bring long-term payoffs through better analytics, and regulatory compliance, while reducing the cost of data storage and archiving. Better understand the perils and promise around information management with guests Jonathan Martin, Vice President and General Manager for Information Management at HP, and Gaynelle Jones, Discovery Counsel at HP. The discussion is moderated by BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the discussion at http://briefingsdirect.blogspot.com/2009/07/proactive-vs-reactive-approach-to.html. Download a transcript at http://interarborsolutions.books.officelive.com/Documents/eDiscoveryPDF.pdf. Sponsor: HP.
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