Borland Software recently released its Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) initiative, which applies quality assurance to the entire applications design process, with special emphasis in the requirements phase. Quality is not just about the code, it's about quality of process, methodology, and of getting the definitions right. So we took Borland's approach to quality to the field to test the thinking on a busy application development shop. In this sponsored B2B informational podcast, listen to Chris Meystrik, the vice president of software engineering at Jewelry Television in Knoxville, Tenn., describe his fast-paced environment and what he looks for in tools, testing, and application lifecycle management. The stakes are only increasing. Quality with Web services and SOA can make or break the performance and reliability of the component services, may even color the perceptions of IT in general. Therefore quality needs to happen right from the start, not as a late-stage activity, lest the architects and business analysts detect that services cannot be trusted on par with monolithic applications. Listen as the path to lower risk in application development is described and validated. Interarbor Solutions analyst Dana Gardner moderates the 29-minute discussion. Sponsor: Borland Software. Have a listen to the podcast here, or read the transcript at
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