Integration Infrastructure Approaches Adjust to New World of SaaS and Shared Services Change is afoot for the role and requirements of integration for modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers and enterprises adopting shared services models. Reuse is becoming an important issue, as are patterns of automation. The notion of reuse of integration -- with added emphasis on integration as a service -- has prompted a different approach to integration infrastructure. The new demand is driven by ecologies of services, some from the Web "cloud," and also the need to efficiently scale the delivery of services and applications composed of many disparate component services. Integrations require reusable patterns, high performance, as well as many different means of access from clients. To help better understand the new landscape for integration models, join a sponsored podcast discussion with Phil Wainewright, an independent consultant, director of Procullux Ventures, and ZDNet SaaS blogger, as well as Annrai O’Toole, CEO of Cape Clear Software. Moderator: Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript at Sponsor: Cape Clear Software.
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