Integrien Alive Improves IT Operational Performance While Heading Off Future Datacenter Reliability Problems Complexity in today's IT systems makes previous error prevention approaches for operators inefficient and costly. IT staffs are expensive to retain, and are increasingly hard to find. There is also insufficient information about what’s going on in the context of an entire systems setup. Operators are using manual processes -- in reactive firefighting mode -- to maintain critical service levels. It simply takes too long to interpret and resolve IT failures and glitches. IT executives are therefore seeking more automated approaches to not only remediate problems, but also to get earlier detection. These same operators don’t want to replace their system’s management investments, they want to better use them in a cohesive manner to learn more from them, and to better extract the information that these systems emit. To help us better understand the problems and some of the new solutions and approaches to remediation and detection of IT issues, Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions recently chatted with Steve Henning, the Vice President of Products for Integrien, in this BriefingsDirect podcast. Read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: Integrien.
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