Interview: Guillaume Nodet and Adrian Trenaman on Apache ServiceMix and Role of ESBs in OSS Clouds Apache Software Foundation open source projects, OSGi, service-oriented architecture (SOA) developments, and cloud computing trends are converging. In this podcast we talk with some thought leaders and community development leaders to assess the patterns of adoption and use-case scenarios around SOA and open-source projects. We'll learn about the context of the ServiceMix ESB in some of the other Apache activities, and how the FUSE support offerings from Progress are getting more traction in interesting ways. To better understand the role of OSGi, SOA, and Apache software, BriefingsDIrect's Dana Gardner recently interviewed Guillaume Nodet, software architect at Progress Software and vice president of Apache ServiceMix at Apache, and Adrian Trenaman, distinguished consultant at Progress Software. Listen here or read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: Progress Software.
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