IT Financial Management Provides Required Visibility into Operations to Reduce Total IT Costs The global economic downturn has accelerated the need to reduce total IT cost through identification and elimination of wasteful operations and practices. At the same time, IT departments need to better define and implement streamlined processes for operations and also for proving how new projects begin and unfold. Knowing the true cost and benefits of complex and often sprawling IT portfolios quickly helps improve the financial performance of how to quantify IT operations. Gaining real-time visibility into dynamic IT cost structures provides a powerful tool for reducing cost, while also maintaining and improving overall performance. Holistic visibility across an entire IT portfolio also develops the visual analytics that can help better probe for cost improvements and uncover waste. Here to help us understand how to bring improved financial management capabilities to enterprise IT departments we're joined by two executives from Hewlett-Packard Software and Solutions: Ken Cheney, director of product marketing for IT Financial Management, and John Wills, practice leader for the Business Intelligence Solutions Group. The discussion is moderated by BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the discussion at Sponsor: HP.
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