Live TIBCO Panel Examines Role and Impact of Service Performance Management in Enterprise SOA Deployments Myriad unpredictable demands are being placed on enterprise application services as Service Oriented Architecture (SOS) grows in use. How will the far-flung deployment infrastructure adapt and how will all the disparate components perform so that complex business services meet their expectations in the real world? These are the questions put to a live panel of analysts and experts at the recent TIBCO User Conference (TUCON) 2008. Listen as complex events processing and service performance management find common ground to help provide a new level of insurance against failure for SOA and for enterprise IT architects. To learn more about the future of SOA integrity, we spoke with Joe McKendrick, an independent analyst and SOA blogger; Sandy Rogers, the program director for SOA, Web services and integration at IDC; Anthony Abbattista, the vice president of enterprise technology strategy and planning for Allstate Insurance Co., and Rourke McNamara, director of product marketing for TIBCO Software. Our podcast is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. Sponsor: TIBCO Software. Read a full transcript of the discussion at:
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