MapReduce-scale Analytics Change BI Landscape as Enterprises Mine Ever-Expanding Data Sets Internet-scale data sets and Web-scale analytics have placed a different set of requirements on software infrastructure and data processing techniques. More types of companies and organizations are seeking new inferences and insights across a variety of massive datasets -- some into the petabyte scale. How can all this data be shifted and analyzed quickly, and how can we deliver the results to an inclusive class of business-focused users? Such companies as Greenplum are now focusing on how MapReduce approaches are changing business intelligence (BI) and the data-management game. To provide an in-depth look at how parallelism, modern data infrastructure, and MapReduce technologies come together, BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner spoke with Tim O’Reilly, CEO and founder of O’Reilly Media; Jim Kobielus, senior analyst at Forrester Research, and Scott Yara, president and co-founder at Greenplum. Read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: Greenplum.