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The role and importance of private cloud infrastructure models has now emerged as a stepping-stone to much needed new general operational models for IT.

Even a lot of the early interest in cloud computing was as much about a wish to escape the complex and wasteful ways of the old than as an outright embrace of something well understood and new. Cloud computing may then well prove a catalyst to needed general IT transformation.

This cloud effect should force even the largest enterprises to remake themselves into business service factories. It's a change that mimics the maturation of other important aspects of business over the decades. Modernizing IT -- via Internet-enabled sourcing that better supports business processes -- comes in the same vein that industrial engineering, lean manufacturing, efficiency measurement, just-in-time inventory, and various maturity models revolutionized bricks and mortar businesses.

So the burning question now is how to attain IT transformation from current moves to leverage and exploit cloud computing? What are the practical steps that can help an organization begin now? How can enterprises learn to adopt new services support and sourcing models that work for them in the short- and long-terms?

By recognizing the transformative role of private cloud infrastructures, IT leaders can identify and justify improved dynamic workloads and agile middleware that swiftly advance the process of IT maturity and efficiency.

To discuss how modern workload assembly in the private cloud provides a big step in the right direction for IT’s future, BriefingsDirect joined Paul Fremantle, the UK-based Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of WSO2, and Paul O’Connor, Chief Technology Officer at ANATAS International in Sydney, Australia. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions. [Disclosure: WSO2 is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

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