Welcome to a sponsored podcast discussion coming from The Open Group’s 23rd Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference in Toronto. This podcast, part of a series from the July 2009 event, centers on the issue of the enterprise architect (EA) -- the role, the responsibilities, the certification, and skills -- both now and into the future. The burgeoning impact of cloud computing, the down economy, and the interest in projecting more value from IT to the larger business is putting new requirements on the enterprise IT department. Who can instrument these changes, and, in a sense, be a new kind of leader in the transition and transformation of IT and the enterprise? To help us sort through who takes on the mantle of grand overseer as IT expand its purview, we're joined by James de Raeve, vice president of certification at The Open Group; Len Fehskens, vice president, Skills and Capabilities at The Open Group; David Foote, CEO and co-founder, as well as chief research officer, at Foote Partners, and Jason Uppal, chief architect at QRS. The discussion is moderated by me, BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner. View a full transcript of the discussion. Download a transcript. Sponsor: The Open Group.
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