Dr. Richard Soley, chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG), joined me last week for a BriefingsDirect podcast on OMG's latest activities and the status of the ongoing counter-force to complexity -- standards. Indeed, OMG through its auspicious history has developed a methodology for federating standards, which themselves often spin off into a maze of overlapping complexity. By balancing interests and encouraging buy-in from multiple often competing or orthogonal participants, OMG has built consensus around models of various technologies and vertical industry particulars. Those efforts nowadays, among other targets, are increasingly aimed at SOA and business process management. The goal is to abstract out enough complexity so that IT, business, users, and discrete communities can work together productively. Dr. Soley provides keen insights and education into what it takes to conjure and cajole that elusive critical beast: the neutral but authoritative industry third party. Have a listen.
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