The latest BriefingsDirect podcast takes the pulse of how podcasting is being perceived as a business communications tool, with guests Barb Heffner, a partner and founder of CHEN PR, and Sam Whitmore, editor of MediaSurvey. The discussion comes on the heels of CHEN PR's news that it is creating a podcast service within its IT and life sciences communications offerings, using Interarbor Solutions, and yours truly, as a sub-contractor for production services and analyst moderator services. We discuss the unique relationship and how PR agencies are increasingly reaching out with viral marketing services to their clients. Curious about how podcasting fits into communications, marketing, viral marketing and quality information sharing? The guests offer some powerful insights and examples based on their businesses and value propositions. The discussion also delves into the balance of editorial authenticity and balance in B2B podcasting, and how the needs and interests of both sponsors and listeners must be maintained. Have a listen.
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