Probabilistic Analysis Predicts IT Systems Problems Before Costly Applications Outages Rather than losing control to ever-increasing complexity -- and gaining less and less insight into the root causes of problematic applications and services -- enterprises and on-demand application providers alike need to predict how systems will behave under a variety of conditions. By adding real-time analytics to their systems management practices, operators can fully determine the normal state of how systems should be performing. Then, by measuring the characteristics of systems under many conditions over time, datacenter administrators and systems operators gain the ability to predict and prevent threats to the performance of their applications and services. As a result they can stay ahead of complexity, and contain the costs of ongoing high-performance applications delivery. Here to help us understand how to manage complexity by leveraging probabilistic systems management and remediation, we are joined in the podcast by Mazda Marvasti, the CTO of Integrien Corp. Moderator: Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the podcast: Sponsor: Integrien Corp.
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