Not many things last for 20 years in the software business, but high-technology PR firm Lois Paul & Partners (LP&P) is this summer celebrating its 20th anniversary. I thought LP&P's anniversary would provide a great springboard for a trip down memory lane, as a way to assess just how much things have changed -- or not -- in the PC and enterprise software businesses. So I gladly moderated this 40-minute podcast with LP&P founder, Lois Paul, as well as Chris Shipley of Guidewire Group and the DEMO conferences, and also Dean Goodermote, CEO of Double-Take Software. Join us for some interesting anecdotes and insights into, for example, the early Ray Ozzie (now chief software architect at Microsoft), how IT magazines used to pay for news tips, and when the very definition of IT news and PR were being re-invented back in 1986. The period -- when Lotus Development Corp. was the world leader in desktop applications and most press releases were delivered via fax -- was an era, like today, full of fast change and media disruption. Feel free to read the transcript, too, at
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