Rise of WebKit Advances Mobile Web's Role, Opens Huge Opportunity for Enterprise Developers on Devices Bringing enterprise applications effectively out to mobile devices has required some harsh trade-offs for developers. To gain access to devices, you lose functionality and portability, for example. But thanks to the sizable impact that the Apple iPhone and its WebKit browser have had in the market -- and the lure of new business opportunities around mobile application stores -- the mobile Web has suddenly become more attractive and attainable for mainstream developers. Such technologies as HTML 5, Android, WebKit and advances in scripting and open source tools are allowing developers to target mobile devices better than ever. To learn more about how the development field for mobile Web applications is shaping up and how targeting the modern mobile Web browser may be removing some of the harshness from the trade-offs of the past, we assembled a panel of development experts. Join Stephen O'Grady, founder and analyst at RedMonk; Wayne Parrott, vice president for product development at Genuitec, and David Beers, a senior wireless developer at MapQuest as we unpack the mobile Web. The podcast is moderated by IT industry analyst Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the discussion at http://briefingsdirect.blogspot.com/2009/05/rise-of-webkit-advances-mobile-webs.html. Sponsor: Genuitec.
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