SaaS Providers Increasingly Require 'Ecology' Solutions from Infrastructure Vendors There is an entire universe of suppliers and vendors that support the delivery of applications as services. Indeed, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is attracting more than end users who acquire their IT via user-per-month service subscriptions. Also attracted to the SaaS market are those vendors creating the means to produce and deliver such services well and efficiently. We're seeing more Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) support vendors focus their sales on SaaS providers and hosts, with the understanding that SOA may well emerge in the SaaS universe first, and then extend to enterprises more generally. To help understand the SaaS market, what SaaS providers want and what those seeking to support those providers can deliver, we recently spoke with Colleen Smith, managing director of Software as a Service for Progress Software. The resulting podcast, hosted and moderated by Dana Gardner, offers some great insights and better appreciation of the swelling ecology of vendors and providers devoted to SaaS delivery. Read a full transcript of the discussion at
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