Sam Whitmore Helps Parse Search Marketing, the 'Content Pyramid,' and RSS Strategies In my work covering enterprise application development and deployment strategies, I often also find myself witnessing a sea-change in how software companies and providers market their values. Software has always been a challenge to market, and many of the most innovative thinking in online marketing has come from the software industry. Creating and distributing good content is essential to getting the word out about any product or service these days. I recently had a podcast conversation with Sam Whitmore, editor and proprietor of Sam Whitmore's Media Survey, in which we discuss the burgeoning role of RSS, community, conversations, and search. Together we wonder whether the "public relations" commnity will soon gain a new cohort, the "search relations" person. Want media coverage? Get good search results first and foremost. Search is the new media. Listen here to the podcast or read a full transcript of the discussion at
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