The next BriefingsDirect innovation thought leadership discussion focuses on the rise of business networks and how that requires new models of busing and selling as well as new ways of discovering and relating to customers and partners.

Quite rapidly, we've entered a business world where unprecedented connectedness leads to instant analysis. These insights across entire industries provide powerful new ways for businesses to innovate and to adapt to markets, supply chains, and customer demands.

All things being equal, the companies that best leverage this data-driven innovation and these business network effects will surely win in their markets. We’re joined by two experts to discuss the future of enterprise software and the role that business networks will play in creating new models for sustained success.

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To learn more about doing business best in our digital and connected world, please join two digital business competitors, Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Ariba, and Christian Lanng, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradeshift. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Get the mobile app. Read a full transcript or download a copySponsor: SAP Ariba.

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