Survey Uncovers Heightening Reliance on Search Across Business Purchasing It seems that businesses, whether they're small or global 2000 concerns, are buying more supplies using search at some point in the procurement process. Some people begin and end a procurement journey with search. They actually buy the products through a strictly search-dependent process. Yet many still use a combination of word-of-mouth, search, and traditional information gathering to guide them to the best deals on the most goods. To find out just how much B2B buying behaviors are shifting, Enquiro Search Solutions conducted a survey earlier in 2007. They found that online search was consistently employed throughout the entire buying process, from awareness right through to purchase. There’s still a lot of back and forth: Offline factors influence online activity, and vice-versa, for a merging of the online and the offline worlds. This audio podcast, and accompanying video-podcast, plumb the depths of Enquiro's findings and vet them through the experiences of B2B search engine ZoomInfo. Join Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Enquiro, and Bryan Burdick, COO of ZoomInfo, with moderation by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, for a deep dive discussion on B2B search trends and analysis. Sponsor: ZoomInfo. Read a full transcript of the discussion at View a full-length, multi-media movie of the discussion at
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