TOGAF 9 Advances IT Maturity While Offering More Paths to Architecture-Level IT Improvement The Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, in February delivered TOGAF 9, an enterprise architecture framework. TOGAF 9 represents a departure for enterprise architecture frameworks in general. It's larger, more mature, and modular to allow folks to enter it from a variety of perspectives. It takes on a much more significant business services and accomplishments perspective. While IT practitioners and architects will be looking over TOGAF 9 deeply, it’s also going to be of interest to the business side of the enterprise and offers a way for them to understand more about how IT can service their business needs. To gain deeper insights into how IT architects can bring value to businesses, BriefingsDIrect's Dana Gardner recently interviewed Robert Weisman, CEO and principal consultant for Build The Vision, and Mike Turner, an enterprise architect at Capgemini. Listen here or read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: The Open Group.
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