Welcome to a sponsored podcast discussion on identifying the top reasons and paybacks for adopting cloud computing.

If cloud, in its many forms, gains traction -- like any other big change affecting business and IT -- adopters require a lot of rationales, incentives, and measurable returns to keep progressing successfully. But, just as the definition of cloud computing itself can elicit myriad responses, the same is true for
why an organization should encourage cloud computing.

The major paybacks are not clearly agreed upon, for sure. Are the paybacks purely in economic terms? Is cloud a route
to IT efficiency primarily? Are the business agility benefits paramount? Or, does cloud transform business and markets in ways not yet fully understood?

We'll seek a list of the top reasons why exploiting cloud computing models make sense, and why at least experimenting with cloud should be done sooner rather than later. We have assembled a panel of cloud experts to put some serious wood behind the arrow leading to the cloud.

Please join me now in welcoming Archie Reed, HP's Chief Technologist for Cloud Security and the author of several publications including The Definitive Guide to Identity Management and a new book, The Concise Guide to Cloud Computing; Jim Reavis, executive director of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and president of Reavis Consulting Group, and Dave Linthicum, Chief Technology Officer of Bick Group and also a prolific cloud blogger and author. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

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