UPS Visibility Solutions Help Businesses Drive Customer Service Via Managed Supply Chains Effective information-sharing across the distribution of goods -- visibility into transportation supply chains and distribution networks -- is a part of the information revolution and the knowledge economy. Global players in the distribution channel are looking for reductions in cost, efficiency improvements, and reduced time to distribution -- all of which can substantially reduce the total cost of an overall production and distribution activity. UPS started with tracking on the Web in the early '90s and today supports tracking in 63 countries. UPS serves the basic supply chain visibility needs of shippers, receivers, importers, and exporters -- both residential and commercial, through its traditional U.S. small package services, as well as via UPS Freight, Air, and Ocean Freight Services. This podcast examines the visibility service UPS has in place, as well as the market trends driving the need for greater supply chain technology and efficiency. Join Jim Rice, director of the Integrated Supply Chain Management Program at MIT; Stephanie Callaway, director of customer technology marketing at UPS; Frank Deen is the shipping manager at Rackmount Solutions, and John Schaffer, president of TrueWave, in this podcast discussion, moderated by Interarbor Solutions Principal Analyst Dana Gardner. Read a full transcript of the discussion at Sponsor: UPS.
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