Wind River's John Bruggeman on Google Android and the Advent of Mobile Internet Devices The Android open source mobile platform made a splash in October when Google announced it, along with the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). The impact of such a platform on cell phones has been debated, yet the implications for an entirely new class of mobile internet devices has received less attention. In this podcast, John Bruggeman, chief marketing officer of Wind River Systems, digs in to the technical, business model and open source implications of Android and OHA -- but he goes a step further. Android will lead, he says, to a new class of potentially free mobile internet devices (MIDs) that do everything a PC does, only smaller, cheaper and in tune with global mobile markets that favor phones over PCs for web connectivity. Listen as Interarbor Solutions Principal Analyst Dana Gardner interviews Bruggeman on the long-term disruptions that may emerge from the advent of Android. Read a full transcript of the discussion at:
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