Cape Clear Software CEO Annrai O'Toole discusses the balance between simplicity and breadth in the ESB market in this sponsored BriefingsDirect podcast with Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. O'Toole takes exception to IBM's ESB strategy while staking out a goal of making the Cape Clear ESB the core of a larger SOA platform solution announcement next year.
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Guest analyst Maurene Caplan Grey, founder of Grey Consulting, parses the messaging and collaboration trends of 2005, while raising expectations for an innovation burst in 2006. Will messaging become an infrastructure function? Are common data stores closer to reality? Join moderator Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions for a lively discussion of the messaging market in the latest BriefingsDirect B2B informational podcast.
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Join Akamai Chief Scientist and co-founder Tom Leighton as host Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions moderates an exciting look into the growth of the Internet and the role performance-enhanced Web applications play. This sponsored BriefingsDirect B2B informational podcast examines the growth of Akamai over the past seven years, and the evolution of the company into a leading provider of business application delivery services and infrastructure -- allowing the Internet to truly live up to its business and consumer expectations.
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Independent industry analysts from the UK Neil Macehiter and Neil Ward-Dutton join BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner for a dissection of SOA trends in 2005 and some predictions for 2006. The role of enterprise Java diminishing? The analysts hash it out, while wondering if simplicity is a victim to the latest Services Component Architecture (SCA) announcement. Analysts on Skype on analysts on Skype, now on BriefingsDirect.
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BriefingsDirect's Dana Gardner discusses the fast evolution of the definition for SOA platform with Infravio's Miko Matsumura. Is there an open source UDDI registry brewing? Find out in this B2B informational podcast.
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