IBM and Kapow on How Enterprises Exploit Application Mashups and Lightweight Data Access The choices among enterprise application development and deployment technologies has never been greater. But what's truly different about today's applications is that line of business people can have a greater impact than ever on how technology supports their productive work. By exploiting mashups, situational applications, Web 2.0 techniques and lightweight data access, new breeds of Web-based applications and services are being cobbled together fast, cheap, and without undue drain on IT staffs and developers. While many mashups still happen outside of IT's purview, more IT leaders see these innovative means as a productivity boon that can't be denied, and which may save them time and resources. The trick is to manage the people and new processes without killing off the innovation. To help weed through the agony and ecstasy of Enterprise 2.0 application development and deployment in the enterprise, Dana Gardner of Interarbor Solutions recently chatted with Rod Smith, Vice President of Internet Emerging Technologies at IBM, and Stefan Andreasen, the Founder and CTO of Kapow Technologies in this BriefingsDirect podcast. Read a full transcript of the discussion at: Sponsor: Kapow Technologies.
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